The Mentalist Filming Season 7


The filming starts Wednesday, 30th July.

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How can one not love him?

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*short haired people sobbing in the corner*

*Long haired people with no hairstyling skills wimpering in the distance*

*short-haired people who have access to really good wigs cackling and bookmarking*


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Dark & Light



After the storm hit Manila, we experienced a loss of electricity at home and several power outage at work. I appreciated having a laptop in the office, instead of the usual CPU, because even without electricity, I can work until 3-4 hours.  I feel bad about my colleagues having to go on “forced” VL because they couldn’t work. Also, I hadn’t been able to draw because there was no electricity and for the first time in a long time, I used daylight as my main source of light to continue sketching. And my sleep had been very peaceful (even without aircon) because the darkness conditioned my body to relax and I didn’t get a chance to surf the Net until I feel tired (actually you don’t get tired surfing the Net). After what seemed like an eternity of darkness, we finally had light. I missed the dark, but I welcome back the light.



I decided to do a series of postcards after buying a template (Muji) to make my own envelope. I bought a book of floral specialty paper back in a bazaar but hadn’t seen any use for it yet…until now. :) I think this year makes the return of my hand written letters to my family and friends. Do you still write letters? I think they feel more personal and I usually end up crying buckets while writing a letter. I am too emotional. *cries*

I also bought a letter stamp set in Dimensione which thankfully was cheaper and almost the same price of the ones I saw in a bazaar. I’m trying to incorporate it into my drawing - what do you think?


Here are two of my postcards, with each having a different title because I had different emotions while painting them.

On the left I entitled it “As I catch the last light of the day”, and on the right is “In darkness, you whisper words of sweet nothings”. This past few days I had been feeling a bit melancholy and it translated to my paintings. My mom commented that both girls look sad. Sorry ‘bout that. 

As an artist, I cannot separate my feelings from my drawings. Hopefully my emotions pick up next week so I can draw happier stuff!

P.S. I have an ongoing giveaway! If you want a printed canvas of my work and is a Philippine resident, then please go ahead and join. :)




You know you’re a serious TV addict when you can relate to all 10 GIFs in this gallery! How many were you able to relate to?

All of them, oh my god..


The Mentalist Rewatch  2.11 Rose Colored Glasses

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